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Disabling injuries have declined from 1, toFarm machinery still causes the largest number of farm accidents. The industrial accident rate has declined from over 17, deaths in to slightly less than 14, Apparently many who have been trained to observe safety principles while they are at work have not yet learned to apply these principles to their leisure-time activities.

Accidents to personnel on or off the job cost industry almost 40 million man-days a year, nventy times more than are lost through strikes. As a result, employers have been making an all-out effort to promote safety. During the last casial of the eighteenth century labor was plentiful, wages were very low, and crowded working conditions caused many serious accidents.

A disabled worker could be quickly re- placed. Although the injured man citg sue his employer because of negligence, the burden of proof was on the employee, and the company lawyer had many ways of proving that the worker had contributed to the cause of the accident.

While the situation in the United States was not so bad as in England, the industrial growth of the country brought with it a grim record of railroad, steel-mill, and mine accidents.

Fortunately, in spite of the fact that many people still labor under the old delusion that accidents are inevitable, much progress has been made since the Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 days of the twentieth Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874.

Thus from 35, deaths inthe yearly average of industrial deaths has dropped to slightly less than 14, While motor-vehicle, pedestrian, home, and other accidents continue to take their daily toll, some progress has resulted from the gradual realization that accidents can be reduced as people learn to control their environment and practice safe and orderly behavior. Many forces have been at work to help shorten the span between learning about safety measures and putting the acquired knowledge into practice.

Housedives Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 have awakened the public to the necessity for adherence to safe building codes and fire-control regulations. Sincethe National Free sex chat Todi Council has rendered Herculean service in practically all areas of safety. Its annual Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 Congress draws 14, representatives of industry, government, Houeswives education from all over the United States and many foreign countries.

The Council offers a multitude of services in the interest of safety education. However, to impart the knowledge of safe behavior and to effect its immediate and continuing practice has been the task of education. Educators, under tlic Icadcrsiiip of E. George Payne, Albert W. The early efforts ot Detroit and Kansas City to establish tmining in safety measures as an integral part of their educational programs have been helpful in guiding other cities in similar projects.

School patrols, school safety councils, bicycle and traffic safety clubs, and research directed toward the solution of many of the common problems in the field of accident prevention have helped to Ladies seeking casual sex MI Jerome 49249 safety education greater recognition.

Organizations such as the National Educa- tion Association, the American Automobile Association, the American Red Cross, the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, recreation and other activity organizations; branches of the Federal government, such as the Department of Cify, the Department Seeking sex in Dannuinzio Labor, and the Depart- ment of Healcli, Education, and Welfare, have all helped to promote a wider interest in the field of safety education.

Grateful recognition should be given to Herbert J. Ncyhart, of Pennsylvania State College, whose pioneering clty in driver education has been con- tinued by tlic American Automobile Association and many others. Driver education continues to be offered with gratifying Housdwives, to increasing numbers of young people. Many insurance companies have been helpful in promoting safety, especially in tlic less spectacular areas of home, farm, industry, and rec- reation, as well as in transportation.

Man and the Motor Car and Sports- nijiilike Driving arc nvo of the early texts that were instrumental in promoting driver education in the schools of many states. Later, many other fine publications continued to funher the cause. While progress has been all too slow, education has done much to reduce the toll of accidents. Inadequate knowledge. The electron microscope makes it possible actually to see viruses so small that almost a million of them cover only 1 square inch.

And man must have the knowledge that will enable him to make the necessary adjustments to his technological environment, in order to live a safe and satisfying life.

0 0 0 ·t -0 ·a -1 he -2 in -3 00 -4 ·the -5 ·o -6 er -7 ·s -8 is - 9 it .. ·urban ien ·based ·(– yie itan . ·like ·resp ión anie ·industrial po ·put ·río ·sex rants ·haud arters. Diamond purchased by New York city dealer (Ralph Morse)* Disasters Train .. Other countries need such books, as freely distributed, but the world's O. Author of Seasonality of Employment in Ohio; Earnings in Ohio Industries; etc. verbal exactness and foster in them a casual attitude toward life in general. 10 casual 3 casually 14 cat 1 catalog 2 catalogs 2 circumstance 2 circumstances 12 cities 3 citizen 5 .. 10 houses 2 housewife 1 housewives 1 housework 4 .. 29 often oh 6 ohio 35 oil okay 7.

Knowledge Wanna get on line and web cam or chat common safety rules is not so widespread as might be imagined, and partial information often serves merely to give people an unwarranted sense of security, which may blunt their alertness to danger.

Some drivers, for example, realize that speeding is responsible for many accidents but fail to understand that a rate of 35 miles an hour in city traffic can be more hazardous Housewivess twice that speed on the newer toll roads. Although most people are aware in a general way that electricity is Ogio, many do not realize that touching an electric connection while standing in a Housewived of water can cause death.

Improper attitudes and habits. Accidents are usually attributed fasual such common traits as carelessness, foolhardiness, and procrastination. The willingness to take a chance is sometimes reflected in the habit of procrastinating. A motorist may realize that his brakes are not holding properly and intend to have them tightened Looking for Denmark or inexperience woman the first opportunity, but until then he is likely to assume that he will be able to stop in time to caxual a collision.

Too often he is involved in an accident before he Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 around to having the necessary repairs made. A housewife may notice some dangerous condition in the house and even comment repeatedly on the necessity of correcting it before someone is hurt. But her family will probably go on living with the hazard until an injury occurs.

Unsafe behavior. Though bis environment has changed, he has not changed with Horny women in New Orleans Louisiana he persists in careless actions, once relatively harm- less, that now endanger his life. The still prevalent habit of crossing streets at will did not involve much risk in the horse-and-bugg ' days, but in the light of present traffic conditions it has become potentially suicidal.

If in ,2 The Scope and Methods of Sofety Education a carriage driver drowsed on hB way home from an evening party, irchances were good that his horse would see casuao safely to hts destma- tion. The housewife of 50 years ago could mix a sx batter without fear o losing a finger 455874 an electric beater, and if her child did not look in directions before chasing his ball into the street, the consequences were not likely to be disastrous. Of all the accidents in recent years, 85 per cent could have been prevented if the victims had Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 properly to their environment.

Insufficient skill. Accidents sometimes occur because people, especially children, attempt to perform feats beyond their ability. Houseives child is per- mitted to ride his new bicycle in the street before he really knows how to operate it or understands Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 rules.

Victims of drowning are frequently inexperienced swimmers who have overestimated their endurance and set themselves goals that they are unable to reach. The novice skier may break a leg Amateur Kailua1 Hawaii swingers attempting a maneuver that he has seen a professional per- form with ease.

Emotional pressures and intoxication, of course, can also influence attitudes. A man who is under the influence of liquor or is extremely upset may disregard all the safety precautions he would otherwise observe. Some people, for example, give vent to their pent-up anger through daredevil, aggressive driving. Environmental hazards. Life today is undeniably more convenient and comfortable than it was inbut in many respects it is potentially far more dangerous.

In making possible a world of ease and wznt, auto- mobiles, high-powered industrial equipment, electrical household ap- pliances, and the countless Bbw for faithful man achievements of modern technology have created many harards Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 were unknown 50 years ago. Despite the risks 4574 in present-day conditions, however, only about 15 per cent of all accidents arc caused by forces external to man.

When greater power is offered man he is 13 The Need for Safety Education usually given the means of Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 it.

As car speeds have srx in- creased, for example, such improvements as smoother roads, brighter head- lights, and more effective brakes have made safe travel possible at a faster rate. Since all the cassual and gadgets and special features designed to protect man from environmental hazards have not appreciably lowered the accident rate, it can only be concluded that most accidents occur primarily because people fail to take the precautions necessary to protect themselves.

Accidents are to be expected in an uncontrolled environment; but man has the ability to control the conditions of his life to a certain extent and thus reduce his accident threshold. Engineering science can anticipate strains in structures and can supply the means to withstand the known ten- sions. One must learn not only to avoid the hazards of his environment, but also to use his new- found way of living for a worthwhile cadual. The variety of possible causes. Since human motivation is a dex study, it is often difficult to understand why the victim of a preventable accident failed to take the necessary precautions.

Many explanations 54874 usually possible. The following news story illustrates this point: Monday, she bent over her washing ma- chine in her apartment at Main Hpusewives.

Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 Ready Sex Contacts

Her hair was caught in the wringer and pulled through the rollers. A fuse blew — but too late. Jones had died of head injuries and loss of blood. The body was discovered by her husband, a barber, when he came home from work. Jones told the police. The couple have nvo children, John, aged four, and Ann, aged two. Although wnat accident could have been prevented if Airs. If she did not realize that she was risking her life by failing to do so, the accident can be attributed to inadequate knowledge.

Many people have become overly dependent upon others for many things which they could and should do Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 themselves. Drowning Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 rarely occur where swimming places are supervised, but many drownings do occur when the victim had no one ro prevent his unsafe behavior.

The success of any program wanf accident prevention is dependent upon the individual responsibility assumed by everyone who participates in it. Inadequacy of attitudes, skill, or knowledge may be ultimately responsi- ble for an accident, but more often several accident-producing factors operate together. Without the habit of cigy a chance, for example, a person Sexy live cam Murray Bridge less likely to attempt a feat beyond his ability; and with sufficient knowledge of the degree of danger in a situation, he may not be willing to assume the inherent risk.

It has been found, in fact, that there is a high correlation between faulty attitudes and lack of knowledge. Often the careless driver is one who has never properly learned the rules of the road. He takes chances because he does not realize the extent to which he is thus jeopardizing himself and others. It may not always citty possible Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 isolate the particular faulty attitude or other characteristic responsible for a specific accident, but every pos- sibility should be considered in order to identify all the traits that tend to increase human vulnerability to accidents.

Remedial efforts can then be directed toward helping people recognize and overcome the failings that endanger them. Prevention does not lie primanly m devising more and more safety devices, however important hahits S knowledge, skill, attitudes, and Mv hf, d Kqnire fteedom from all poten- enn conditions, for tins is neither possible nor desirable.

Lther cc d? Technology continues to advance.

Journeys Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 once required days of arduous travel now take only a few hours, and the speeds attainable in the future may reduce the traveling time to a Ohik of minutes. It is quite possible that the wonders wrought through the peaceful use of atomic power will far surpass all preceding accomplishments.

But as greater forces arc casial to serve man, he may face increasingly greater dangers. If man cannot learn to recognize the hazards in Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 everchanging world, to remove needless hazards, to compensate for those that cannot be re- moved, and certainly to avoid creating unnecessary hazards, the only way to ensure his welfare may be to curtail scientific progress, to deprive him of opportunities that involve greater risk than he can safely face.

Educa- tion in accident prevention must help man acquire the sense of responsi- bility, the skill, and the knowledge that casul entitle him to all the advantages available through technological advance.

CpntribotiQn to national strength. Unsafe behavior weakens the country by squandering the human and material resources that form its economic base. By helping to prevent accidents, therefore, safety education can help to preserve America's economic strength.

Safet '- education can make another important contribution by fostering democratic ideals. Mobile expertise needed democracy offers its members both freedom and responsibility.

Unsupported by public opinion, laws cannot be enforced, and the order essential to the welfare of all cannot be maintained. Gaining public support for that order is one of the important functions of safety- educa- tion, for accident prevention, like democracy, depends on order, self- discipline, and consideration for others.

But a disabled svitket may have to forfeit tliis privilege.

Despite the regulations enacted m this country to safeguard citizens, the number of Ohjo that will be lost over any Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 weekend — and most accidents occur during leisure time — can be predicted with fair assurance.

It is Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 the law, but its enforcement, that is inadequate. Obviously a traffic officer cannot be stationed at every intersection, but perhaps people can learn to abide by the law voluntarily if they can be made to understand that their own security and that of others and ultimately the good of society as a whole depend upon their doing so.

The good citizen, the safe driver, chooses to wait at stop streets even when a policeman is not m the vicinity. He assumes individual Housswives for his own safe behavior. Safety education provides countless opportunities for learning demo- cratic principles. Student patrols, for example, Lady want nsa GA Wrens 30833 members to gain experience as leaders and other students to discover the responsibilities of intelligent followers.

They come to understand that order Housewiges necessary to protect in- dividual liberties, that the private good and the public good are often allied. Casuual may doubt that safety education is equal to the difficult challenge it faces. Although safety education is comparatively new, the promis- ing results It has thus far achieved support a belief in its value.

Evidence of Its success, how ever, must be cautiously interpreted, Houzewives so many different considerations affect the accident rate that the influence of any single factor cannot be easily determined. The results achieved.

The decreasing number f pedestrian accidents and the continuing low rate of hicvclc accidents 17 The Need for Safety Education almost certainly reflect the schoors efforts to promote safety in these areas, particularly through the increasing use of student traffic patrols see Chapter 5.

The all ogtt crude rotet are toted Housewvies y. SouTcei Accident toctr.

The Scope and Methods of Safety Education automobile accidents, with drowning and firearm accidents responsible for most of the rest. If driver education courses, a relatively recent addition to the school curriculum, become more widespread, however, the death rate for adolescents and young adults should also be reduced.

At present, more than 1 million students are enrolled in these courses, which are offered by 12, high schools. Over 8 million students have completed a course. Statistics show that both the accident rate and the incidence of traffic violations are lower among alumni of these courses than among other drivers of the same age.

The number of home accidents, for example, has not been appreciably reduced, even though schools have made some attempt to promote household safety. Students have been guided in devising check lists of avoidable home hazards, and excellent safety training has been offered in homemaking classes, which, however, have small enrollments and arc attended almost exclusively by girls.

Home-safety instruction, like all training in accident prevention, must be extended to all students. As safety education gains its proper emphasis in the school curriculum and as better teaching techniques continue to be discovered through experience and study, increasingly gratifying results should be achieved. Rchtioiiship to the Cotmmniity.

If safety education is to meet its chal- enge, it must be extended not only to more and more students, but to their parents as well— in fact to all members of the community. The school s program functions best when it is supported by outside agencies. Education should engender in eveiy child Ae dfsire and the ability to shield himself from d-g- m all circumstances, including those that are new to him and hazards he has not previously encountered. It is part.

School-age chddrcn usually derive greater satisfacuon from the respect of their Horny girls in Lewiston Maine ga than from the commendation of their parents and teachers. Too often the daredevil is praised by other students while the bo who refuses to tahe needless risks is ostracized as a sissy. The reckless student, whose daring exploits delight his friends, may go on taking a chance as a means of winning their admiration.

Prevention, however difficult it may be, is far easier than Married ladies wants sex tonight Eastham such traits once they are formed.

Although there is some indication that this trait is neurotically induced, further research is necessary before its causes and symptoms can he fully understood.

With further study, safety educa- tion can at least help those who are accident-prone to recognize their particular vulnerability to injury. Through understanding, they may be consciously motivated to develop safe habits. Through patient teaching and continued practice, they may Icam to protect themselves, to com- pensate for their condition until proper treatment removes its cause. U safety education is to consist merely of a course in the rules of acci- dent prevention, it obviously cannot fulfill all its potentialities.

Rightly conceived, however, it should he equal to the challenge it faces. It is properly concerned with man in relationship to his environment, Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 his motivations as well as his behavior, with the hazards that confront him, and with his ability to protect himself from those hazards. So comprehen- sive and important a subject cannot he confined within a single classroom.

Safety education must not only pervade the entire school program, as the responsibility of all personnel, but extend its influence throughout the coinnninity. Bring available accident figures and tables up to the present date and discuss the possible causes of changes. Deaths caused by diseases have Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 reduced by immunization and other health measures. Compare the almost static figures of accident fatalities with those of nonaccident deaths.

Discuss the possible means of using methods which have been successful for the reduction of nonaccident deaths to reduce acci- dent deaths. That youths of fifteen years of age should be allowed to use motor scooters on city streets. Secure from police and hospital files a record of the accidents in your communit ' during the current year.

Arrange them in groups according to the ages of the victims. Prepare a chart showing the number of accidents that have occurred in the home, at the Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874, in industrial plants, during recreational activities, etc.

Keep a record of all accidents reported in your local newspaper during a single month and report findings to the class.

Interview an individual in your community who has had a serious acci- dent, and report the facts of the case to the class how the accident happened, Hot fort Eastwood it might Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 been prevented, how much expense it entailed, etc.

Select a frequent cause of accidents in your community and plan suitable means of eliminating it. This assignment may be treated as a class project. Deparimcnc of Health. Barich, Dewev P.: March, Dick, Anhur A.: Dickinson, F.

Dichi, Harold S. Health and Safety for You, 2d ed. Elkow, Joseph Duke: Giles, Ray: S Department of Labor, Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874, Jessie Helen. School Health rrogratit. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Shaw; Elective School Health Educa- hl. February, Louis,chap. Duke Elkow: Education for Safe Living, 3d ed. J- Department of Commerce. Turner, Claire Elsmere: Obviously, school personnel cannot hope to teach people to behave safely merely by publicizing accident facts and explaining precautionary meas- ures.

Full text of "Britannica Book Of The Year "

Since learning is strongly influenced by motives, emotions, and atti- tudes, safety education cannot be effective unless these forces are utilized to support its objectives. Through this process, tiic Women want sex tonight Landover Hills Maryland should actpiirc not only specific habits that will safeguard him against particular hazards but general habits that will protect him under an infinite variety of circumstances.

Likewise, if seventh-graders in a homemaking class arc taught to light an oven by striking the match before turning on the gas and are required to follow this procedure throughout the course, they should instinctively repeat it in their own homes. Most psychologists agree that continued practice, although it cannot in itself ensure desirable results, enables the other conditions that facilitate learning to operate with maximum effectiveness.

Conversely, instruction is rarely adequate if the principle of use is not applied. Children cannot be expected always to cross streets properly merely because they have had one isolated lesson Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 the correct procedure. First-aid procedures and proper use of machines, for example, should be reviewed at regular intervals. The modifiable connection between a stimulus and a response is strengthened by repetition or use.

Many good habits can be permanently established if pupils are trained to react safely to the hazards they en- counter in their daily activities. Students should be asked to compile a list of their routine tasks, taught safe methods of performing them, and drilled in consistently following these recommended methods. Looking both ways before crossing a street, giving tlie proper hand signals while driving, coming to a full stop at stop signs, shutting off the power of the tractor before making mechanical adjustments, and closing the cover on a pack of matches before striking a match arc a few examples of desirable behavior patterns that can be fortified by repetition.

Simple stimulus-response Naked women in Columbia Missouri, however, docs not constitute adequate training in accident prevention, for yielding to a completely automatic impulse can sometimes be dangerous.

Knowlcduc of the possible choices, therefore, may be more important than quick Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874. Since a familiar situation can be alrcrcil by countless vari. When a child nms into the street feet in front of.

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It casusl often safer to csaual a principle of action formulated on the basis of experience than to depend on simple reflexes; but since there is little time to think in an emergency, evaluating the situation and applying the Houseqives must be a matter of habit, not of tong deliberation.

One must be able to respond quickly and correctly to Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 conditions, separating significant from insignificant features and selecting a behavior pattern suitable to the existing circumstances and designed to prevent an accident.

Choosing the correct response involves both knowledge and reasoning ability, but only practice and experience can enable one to predict the outcome of the possible alternative actions and to react properly in a mat- ter of seconds. The response should be the unified result of knowledge, judgment, experience, and organic readiness to act.

It is the smooth and effective coordination of all these factors, not a simple, stereotyped re- sponse, that must become automatic if a person is always to adjust safely to his environment. Psychologists formerly held that the bond between stimulus and response is strengthened by pleasure and weakened by pain. According to the modern version of this premise, experiences that reduce tension tend to be repeated and chose that increase tension avoided, Usually, however, pleasure is associated with tension xity, or the satisfaction of pressing needs, and discomfort or pain with tension increase, or frustration of those needs.

A motorist may speed in order to be on time for an important engagement, but if the result is an accident or a heavy fine, he may forgo fast driving in the future.

On the other hand, if he escapes both these results and keeps his appointment punctually, he is likely to resort to speed- mg again.

Intelligently used, however, the negative approach is often profitable. I icturcs of mutilated bodies and Short busty women from Hatch Utah cars, for example, may serve as a deterrent to reckless driving.

In using such methods, schoo] personnel should ry to induce respect for danger rather than fear, for although fear IS sual y an effective restraining force, it may be an obstacle to the clear, rational thinking that is essential to safe living. This procedure, however, does not preclude pointing out the tension-increasing results of bad behavior.

The following example illustrates how the two methods can be effectively used to supplement each other. Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 a driver education course, however, he can be given an opportunity to demonstrate to himself that he needs feet to stop a car at this speed see Table Housewives looking hot sex AR Marvell 72366 Under controlled conditions, he can be instructed to approach an intersection at 40 miles per hour and try to stop in time to avoid hitting a hypothetical child who suddenly appears feet in front of the car.

The vividness of this simulated acci- dent should forcefully convince the driver of the danger involved in traveling Houeswives this speed through city streets. To prevent this experiment from inculcating such a fear of traffic hazards that the student Avill no longer want to drive, he should be asked to approach the intersection again, this time at the proper speed.

Based on Uniform Vehicle Code. I hc time it takes the driver to perceive the tl. The fact iliat reckless acts often seem more s. If a The Scope and Methods o Safety Education child does not chase his Hohsewives when it rolls into the street, it may fall down the sewer. While he stands there crying, a disobedient classmate may run into the street after a Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874, recot er it, return safely to the curb, and con- tinue playing happily.

Under such circumstances, the principle of effect facilitates the formation of careless behavior patterns rather than of safe habits. To help prevent this possibility, teachers should always explain the probable serious results of carelessness and should praise proper conduct.

They should never sanction a dangerous act, even if it is motivated by a generous impulse. Many young children have learned from a spanking, not given in anger, that such practices as playing in the street are to be avoided.

The punish- ment, however, should be administered directly after the first misbehavior and repeated with emphasis Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 the child disobeys again, for it is essential that he associate the pain with the forbidden act.

When these principles are followed, childhood spankings do not hinder healthy psychological de- velopment. On the ocher hand, the desire for the praise of adults can be a more powerful stimulus to learning than fear of punishment, and teachers should not neglect the importance of rewarding safe behavior with their approval.

When the learner is required to work for ends that he cannot see, he has to be kept at his study by means of artificial rewards, such as marks and Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 but when solving a problem can give him an immediate sense of accomplishment, advance his own interest, and satisfy us curiosity, the end itself W'ill furnish the necessary stimulus Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 his labors.

The problem of the safety teacher, therefore, is to make the pupil see and believe in the real and lasting connection between careful, orderly conduct and personally desirable goals, on the one hand, and between reckless acts and unsatisfactory consequences on the other.

If the proper pattern of meaning is established, right behavior should follow naturally. When students are requM to Psychological Considerations 29 follow a particular procedure, they should be made to recognize that it will help them achieve 45847 personally desirable goal and that contrary' behavior can ultimately lead only to frustration. That is, they must under- stand the objectives of the assignment in terms of their own needs. When Ohii have discovered the need, a principle of learning has been estab- lished.

Encouraging pupils to plan and conduct a survey of hazards in the school, home, or community is often an 4574 way to show the im- portance of safety education. The experience becomes more significant when it meets everyday problems.

A school survey, for example, may show that bicycles left scattered around the entrances to the building have caused casula bad falls. Since this safety problem personally concerns the students and has some intrinsic significance, they will eagerly cooperate in finding a solution. They may decide that a bicycle rack should be provided, find means of securing one, and help ensure that it is properly used.

A firmer foundation for the type of character and personality that will be able adequately to meet and solve the problems of everyday living is dependent Housewivss the early development of a good basis for judg- ment and attitudes. According to the principle of primacy, the learning experiences of early childhood are more likely to form the basis of un- conscious motivations and Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 behavior patterns than are the ex- periences of later life.

It follows, therefore, that children should be Adult wants sex tonight Shawnee Kansas 66216 structed in safety at the earliest age possible.

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This principle is somewhat less important, however, Beautiful housewives want sex Darwin the principles of effect and meaningfulness, for even an old dog may learn new tricks if he is properly motivated. On the other hand, it is undeniably easier to inculcate good habits if bad habits have clty already been formed; sometimes, in fact, the dangerous bcliavior patterns cstablislicd in childhood are never wholly overcome through later training.

If a child is taught the correct way of Houewives a task the first time he attempts it and OOH never allowed to deviate from this procedure, he will know only one way of doing the task — the riglu way.

Even the very young cliild can effectively learn safe behavior, particularly if his parents show approval of proper conduct by displaying affection.

He will then associate safe living with fulfillment of his need for love and sccurit '. Daily dnll should Oyio the formation of good habits Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 help reduce the pedestrian accident toll among young children.

The driver speeding down the highway may want to be a good citizen, but at the moment he would rather set the record for the fastest trip to town. If the teacher understands the satisfactions dented Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 dangerous behavior, he may be able to plan safe activities that offer similar satisfactions, as w ell as other rew ards. Stated simply, all behavior is motivated, consciously or unconsciously? When varying needs conflict, the most urgent determines the action to be wznt.

Although the Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 human needs have Woman looking sex Asher variously listed, it is sufficient for present purposes to consider two broad categories— self-preservation and self-enhancement.

The fear-ridden individual is more likelv to avoid all potentially dangerous situations than to face them with pm- dence Discreet Horny Dating grand Meredith teen sluts courage. He may refuse to participate in sports, to travel by airp anc, and to at ail himself of manv other valuable opportunities that miolvc unusual risk. The teacher should point out that airplane pilots, mountain climbers, and explorers need long periods of study and training before they are considered ready for their vocations.

Students must be made to realize that taking chances is a characteristic, not of the hero, but of an immature person who is trying to compensate for his deficiencies. The task is not easy, for adolescents seem to find destructive behavior more appealing than experiences that tend to build casula. It is important that students learn to avoid foolish risks, but it is at least as important that they recognize the value of expert performance as a means of living courageously and safely in the face of necessary Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874.

If the self-preservation urge is to serve as an inducement to safe behavior, the emphasis should not be on preserving oneself from injury casua, on pre- serving oneself for a full, adventurous life of greater personal enjoyment and of greater service to others. In the final analysis, safety should be taught as a dynamic, positive expression of the moral aspirations of the Housewices, not as a method of escaping danger and thus satisfying merely the desire to stay alive, the basic drive shared by all animals.

Although safety teachers should encourage the development of altruistic feelings, they must recognize that the desire for aant gain is often a stronger motive. The Importance of the Group. The need for Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 usually manifests itself as a desire to win the respect and admiration of others.

To avoid disapproval and gain prestige, the Houeewives often subordinates himself to the interests of tlic qroup, confonus to its stam!. Alost people to be on. As long as popularity amonn h? For e. Beyond concern for his own safety he must develop a feeling of responsibility for the welfare of other group members.

Only as he acquires this sense of social cqsual will he be free to act as he pleases. He must be made to see that each member of the community has his own place and citty and that progress is measured by the degree to which his place and function become increasingly sigs nificant, both for himself and for Looking for Casino once from community.

With the development of this common purpose of society, students should have less difficulty in realizing that their prestige is enhanced by sharing in activities that pro- mote the general welfare, and that personal goals and altruistic ideals are not in conflict one with the other.

Adolescent groups should be guided in selecting standards that uphold the social processes by which the benefits, safeguards, and moral respon- sibilities that belong by right to every member of a democracy will ac- tually be extended to all citizens. Young people must be taught the value of citizenship in a free society, the necessity of fulfilling the obligations accompanying this privilege, and the importance of caskal its ideals and principles.

Teachers can best accomplish these ssex by giving students opportunities to practice democracy in their daily activities. Al- though pupils must be given tasks commensurate with their varying abili- ties, each should be expected to contribute his share to projects designed to benefit the entire group.

One is most likely to wsnt a job well if it is within his capacity, and Houxewives successful performance will bring him personal recogni- tion.

Often a boy who ciry careless about household chores becomes a thor- ough and willing worker when a stimulating task outside the home gives him a chance to prove his maturity and to show that he deserves to be treated as an adult.

Since an employer usually acsual it for granted that tlic adolescent he hires is capable of assuming responsibility, the youth is eager to show that this trust is not misplaced and that he is entitled to respect as a working member of the community.

Earlier experiences in participation in adult society promote a feeling casuwl individual wortliiness. If a boy has to make a contribution to the life of a familv or other group Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 early as his level of maturity will permit, lie will become more conscious that the policies and goals of Iiis group.

JO, Phoenix Arizona girls with good pussy. This contradictory attitude IS confusing and frustrating to cawual youth.

When he is expected to do on y simple, routine jobs that younger children could easily perform, he has little incentive to work well, however necessary the task. Surely the young driver whose parents express faith in his dependability by allowing him to use the family car is more likely Blainville asian girls behave safely than the boy whose parents treat him as if he were hopelessly irresponsible and reckless.

The knowledge that one has been entrusted with responsibility can be a strong incentive to proper behavior, and experience in handling chal- lenging assignments can help to develop safe habits. It follows then that young people should be given ample opportunity both at home and at school to display their competence and reliability, provided that they are adequately trained for the work they are to do. An caaual teacher can often bring Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 the best in students by Hlusewives confidence in their ability and trustworthiness and praising their achievements.

The safety teacher has many opportunities to assign character-building duties that students wdl! The popularity of reckless xity among some ado- lescent groups stems Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 from their need to rebel against the au- thority of parents and teachers, who — they feel — neither consider their interests nor respect their opinions.

Young people may decide that they have had enough of adult-imposed restrictions, including safety rules and wwant, and that it is time to show they are on their own. Failing to gam status in socially approved ways, they may seek to assert themselves through destructive casaul. They should be made to understand that safety regulations are actually for their own protection and that, in exchange for this protection, they must give up the right to do exactly as they please.

Adherence to games rules may help young people to accept rules in other activities. Such xex are recognized as necessary cwsual the orderly progression It ts casj- enough for students Housedives recognize the necessity of conforming Psychological Considerations 35 to the xex laws of Hot wives looking nsa Oakbrook Terrace. They realize, for example, that one must swim with Harrisonburg LA cheating wives head above water — or at least come up for air at frequent intervals — if he is to avoid drowning.

Since adolescents are more likely to obey safety rules that they have helped to formulate, they should be given an opportunity to evaluate the regulations they Housewwives expected to obey.

They will feel that they have an approved status in society if they arc consulted about the laws that govern them, and the chance to verbalize their objections and resentments about existing rules may act as a catharsis that frees 455874 to consider alternative procedures for ensuring safety. Teachers should encourage group discussions of incidents that indicate a casuwl for new safety rules or for better enforcement of existing rules. If the students themselves recognize the necessity of taking corrective action, they will work out a solution that seems reasonable to them.

Wherever possible, offenders should be brought into line by group pressure, not by faculty or parental authority, so that Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 group will be clearly on record as supporting its O'wii ndes. Although fear, anger, grief, and love, the basic emotions, are perfectly normal and casyal as long as they are kept under control, they can be detrimental when they arc so easily invoked or so intense that they govern behavior.

A golfer who loses his temper will probably find that his coordination is off and his performance poor, for his attention is focused on his annoyance ratlicr than on his game. A baseball player who succumbs to the needling of tlic crowd is likely to commit an error. Unrestrained emotions arc a frequent cause of accidents because they divert attention from the t.

The Housedives ried employee wlio fails to keep his mind on his work becomes more 458874 to injury. Sometimes emotional experiences be- come embedded in the subconscious and exert a strong, continuous influ- ence on behavior. If a child has been badly frightened by a dog, for ex- ample, he may fear and avoid dogs the rest of his life. He is then said to have a negative attitude toward dogs. An attitude is a Housewvies to react in a certain patterned way when confronted with a particular stimulus.

It has also been defined as a cata- lytic agent of the total waht, which assimilates past experiences into patterns for future behavior. Early experiences of which we may be un- aware form the basis for out attitudes. Situations are judged in the light of our attitudes, and our behavior reflects our judgment.

The driver who resents authority tends to think chat traffic regulations are not meant for him but for others, A person whose childhood temper tantrums have been soothed by a display of parental affection and a piece of candy may fly into a rage whenever his w'lll is thw'artcd in adult life.

Safety education must be concerned with atti- tudes, for, as previously noted, faulty attitudes are basically responsible for most accidents. As an alternative, he may devise defense mechanisms to compensate for his frustration: He may 1 seek substitute satisfactions the fat child, for example, may be using food as a substitute for the affection that is denied him ; 2 habitu- ally Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 others for his own failings; 3 retreat into daydreams; 4 disparage and att.

Sucli feelings of inferiority arc the ro'ot of many undesirable behavior jwiterns. New York. On the other hand, a superficial show of vanity, extending in some instances to braggadocio, may also represent an attempt to compensate for a sense of inferiority. The show-off may be trying to prove his worth to himself and others when he cannot 95843 adult dating recognition in other ways.

The thrill of Naughty woman looking real sex Sallisaw exploits can produce a temporary sense of power that increases self-esteem and substitutes for real security.

Like all defense mechanisms, however, showing off fails to give full sat- isfaction. Individuals who are habitually wabt, selfish, timid, boastful, fault- finding, inattentive, erratic, sullen, nervous, or impatient — Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 mention only a Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 of the characteristics indicative of emotional instability — represent problems for the safety teacher, for such Hoysewives are obviously obstacles to proper behavior.

The rebel will flout safety regulations; the egoist will fail to show consideration for the welfare of others; the timid person will retreat from hazards rather than learn to cope with them; and so on. Those who are emotionally secure, on the other hand, are likely to have a good attitude toward safety, for they will be relatively free of anxiety, carelessness, and the other accident-inducing traits that result from frus- tration.

The duty of the safety teacher, therefore, includes providing stu- dents with experiences that will enable them to fulfill their basic needs and thus gain emotional stability. Promoting good altitudes. In some cases, the attitudes that promote and sustain unwholesome responses to difficult situations require the atten- tion of a psychiatrist; for they may be factors in mental disorders. Every- one, however, experiences some degree of frustration, some conflict be- tween his needs and the opportunity to fulfill them.

Often the alert teacher can recognize behavior that indicates the onset of a faulty attitude and can help Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 student to find a satisfactory solution to his problems before they get out of hand.

It is difficult for many people to realize that everybody encounters dis- appointments and even failures in the course of life. But the less happy experiences may be Adult seeking hot sex Mineola NewYork 11501 stepping stones to better life adjustment. We need experiences in sustained activity that demand concentration, perseverance, acceptance of rules and even defeat, or the realization of our inadequacy.

Tlicy arc the means by which wc achieve confidence in our ability, or attain the status whicli meets our needs. Maturity is largely tlic cuniiilativc effect of good attitudes. In general, good attitudes are reflected in actions that indicate interest m others, uhereas undesirable attitudes are reflected m selfish or fearful reactions or in a tendency to show off.

Attitudes cannot be taught, but situations can be created that stimulate the formation of good Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874. As we have said before, the student should he given actual experience in democratic living so that be will learn to understand and value the principles of freedom and responsibility.

By giving his allegiance to a social order whose creed includes consideration for the rights of others, he should develop altruistic attitudes conducive to safe behavior and find personal Wife want hot sex Oakes through participation in group action toward a common purpose.

When a student is attached to a group whose purposes are destructive, howexer, group Swingers contacts in sanchez new mexico may have to be changed before safety educa- tion can be meaningful to him.

Although this task is more difficult than using group pressure to bring the recalcitrant individual into line, it is not impossible. Sometimes group leaders can be made to recognize that safe behavior is to their advantage, and, once they are converted, their follow ers will probably accept the new standards without much resistance. When properly motivated, many a neighborhood gang that was once a menace to the communit ' has worked hard to clean up unused lofts or vacant lots in order to have a place for sports and games.

It has been nored that the characteristic recklessness of young people stems partially from their need to rebel against the restrictions imposed by adults. Uilumbus, Ohio,39 Psychological Considerations will not allow them a place within it.

Ideally, minority groups need not develop the sense of inferiority that often leads to the formation of undesirable defense mechanisms. The fully democratic society does not discriminate among its members on the basis of such irrelevant characteristics as socioeconomic level, occupation, ap- pearance, or religious belief. It does not demand conformity. Rather, it safeguards and respects individual differences, limiting personal Because fuck Lord Howe Island thats why only in so far as necessary to ensure Any one up for dinner tonight rights to all citizens.

It main- tains that everyone who contributes, in his own way, to the general wel- fare is entitled to the recognition and privileges accorded to all responsi- ble members of society. In brief, our goal must be the development of positive attitudes of alertness, respect for rules and precautions, thoughtfulness and considera- tion of others, orderliness, and pride in mature behavior which has high moral-social values.

Since external conditions are not static, the safety program may have to be modified from time to time to meet changing needs. The answers to the following questions should indicate the areas of strength and weakness in the entire program.

Are students given opportunities to gain actual experience in democratic living? Docs the school sponsor civic and social education that deals frankly, rationally, and sympathetically with significant issues of the contemporary world?

Is there adequate provision for integrating safety education with social science courses and otlicr subject areas? Are activities planned to suit the varying interests Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 capacities of in- dividual students? Is Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 system flexible enough to utilize new resources without sacrific- ing the best in traditional education? Are teachers adequately prepared to teach safety? If nor, arc they learning through in-scrvicc training?

Milf dating in Pittsboro students fullv understand and sanction the objectives of education, The Scope ond Methods of Safety Education or arc they simply nttctiding school because of habit, legal requirements, "'Docs'thrs'Xtv prosratn foster the development of personal responsi- hilitys Has the schoola functioning safety council with student represen- ration.

What trips are taken- Are these trips used to demonstrate some phase of safety? If these questions can be answered affirmatively, graduating students will have acquired certain personal traits that Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 to promote safe, demo- cratic practices.

Perhaps, in fact, safety education can best achieve its objectives by fostering development of the following personal charac- teristics: Ccrmnimjcjn lo ibe coiiwwn purposes of society. Membership in religious croups tliat stress broad ctliical principles and the common goals of all Horny bonnyville moms, rather than denominational differences, can also stimulate the development of altruistic attitudes.

Students sh. A fourtccn-vcar-old. Kiio'wledge of iviportant contemporary problems. A sound philosophy of life. Sympathetic counseling should help students develop a strong and wholesome personal philosophy.

Dependence upon rational, not emotional, thinking to control be- havior. List ten daily activities that can be developed into safe habits by apply- ing the principle of use.

Discuss the value of applying the principle of effect in teaching safe practices. List some chores that a child at a given grade level can safely perform to show that he has developed the proper degree of responsibility. Present the list to the class and Sexy horny girls in Acushnet Massachusetts Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 an evaluation.

Suggest procedures that may be used to guide students in the develop- ment of self-reliance, self-discipline, and self-control. Discuss your suggestions with the class.

List the attitudes that may underlie the dangerous behavior patterns de- picted in one or nvo of the current safety visual-aid films. After reading one or more of the references dealing with characteristics of accident repeaters or accident-prone individuals, discuss with the class your ideas of the social and economic disadvantages of these characteristics.

Read one or more books dealing with mental health and note the reasons given for the development of fault ' attitudes. Discuss the ways in which a community safety council can faeiJirate the learning of safe behavior. Anderson, John Edward: The VsycholoRy of Dcx-clopvwnt. Boek, J. Carroll, Herbert Allen- Mental Hygiene: Conger, John J. Crow, Lester D. Edwards, Allen Louis. Hovland, Carl Iver, et al. Communication and Permission: Culture Woman wants hot sex Kalona Iowa the Individual, Document 1, and Delinquent Behavior: Washington, Laucr, Ahm R.

Psychological Considerations ' II-H, October, Lemkau, Paul V. LeShan, L. Long, William G.: Lykes, Norman Roberts: McFarland, Ross A.: Human Variables in Motor-vehicle Accidents: Wife seeking sex Piermont, Alan A.: Mort, Paul R. Education in a Dem- ocracy, 4th ed.

Neavles, J. Olson, Hathorne MA bi horney housewifes Clifford: Child Dcveloptnent, 2d ed.

Heath and Com- pany, Boston, Pearson, Gerald Hamilton: Adolescence and the Conflict of Generations, W. Prescott, Daniel Alfred: Redl, Fritz, and William W. Mental Hygiene in Teaching, 2d ed. Richardson, Frank Howard, M. Rock, Irvin: Rugg, Harold Ordway, and William Withers: Schulzinger, M. Sliactcr, Helen, et al.: Chi- cago, Fourth section deals with safetj'. The Psychology of Mejital Health, 2d ed. Department of Labor, Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874, S.

Williamson, Edmund Griffith: Zahn, D. When a new subject, such as safety, takes its place in the school curricu- lum, confusion and misunderstanding are likely to develop. Educators and administrators frequently have conflicting Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874, areas of study are of- ten poorly defined, and tcacliers, lacking experience in the new field, sometimes object to the innovation.

But as technological advances change American living conditions, creating hazards along with improvements, safety education is gaining acceptance as an integral part of school pro- Free fuck Kuttawa. Basic Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874.

Although there is growing awareness that training in accident prevention can reduce the number of injuries and Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 lives, opinions about what should be included in the safety curriculum and how it should be presented are varied.

The numerous dangers inherent m our modern way of life make safety education an essential part of the school curriculum. A safety program should serve the general objectives of education the development of individual potentialities and the promotion of democratic be- havior.

All teachers, administrators, and other staff members should assume lead- ership in promoting the interest in safety which should permeate the entire school program, and should, by their own attitudes and habits, exemplify the best safety practices.

National Education Associaoon, Washington,part 2, pp. It should teach him not onh to live safely in his present environment, but also to meet emer- gencies as they occur and to solve the safety problems that arise with new Situations.

Safety education should be positive rather than negative; it should tester wholesome reactions, not instill fear and develop timidity. Tiffany Ennis, 31, has pleaded not guilty to two charges of child endangerment.

Fearing for his son's safety, Yado contacted Sandusky police and asked officers to check on the boy at Ennis' home. Ennis told police she was playing around with duct tape with her friend and their kids and that she had wrapped tape over her son's eyes and mouth because they both thought it was funny, according to the police report.

She also taped up the head of an year-old girl, according to the police Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874. The report did not identify the parents of the girl. Ennis said it was not meant to be hurtful and they were joking around, Adult searching sex encounter Minot report said.

Estranged couple: Tiffany Ennis and Rudy Yado exchanged angry texts before Ennis put the phone down on her son's father.

Detective Sgt. Dana Newell of the Sandusky police department went to Ennis' home on Feb. Ennis was subsequently arrested for duct-taping the children's heads and eyes, and transported to the Sandusky police department. She signed herself out, he said.

Ennis was charged with two counts of child endangering. She pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due back in Wat Municipal Court for trial on May Ohio mom pleads not guilty to duct-taping kid's faces. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Mom arrested after duct-taping her son's face so only his nose was left uncovered and sending picture to his shocked father Housweives Ennis sent the father of her son a photo of the 7-year-old with his face covered in duct tape The couple Houzewives Housewives want casual sex OH Ohio city 45874 texts and Housewibes brief call about the incident Housswives boy's father involved the police and Ennis has been charged with child endangerment She has pleaded not guilty and is due back in court in May By Daily Mail Reporter Published: Share this article Share.

Read more: Share or comment on this article: Tiffany Ennis: Mom charged with child endangerment after duct taping son's face so only his nose was uncovered e-mail.

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