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Looking for intelligent playful woman

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I shop for a party dress for a lovely lady, but the style and color that suits her is unknown. Lonely Marine seeking for a lady to cuddle with tonight Are there any ladies out there willing to cuddle up with a lonely Marine tonight. I'm single and can host about ten minutes from the capitol. I had to go to Looking for intelligent playful woman that weekend. I love country music, I'm a smoker and when I get playtul chance I like and Coke and tequila shots.

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A recent study has found that playfulness — which includes having a "sense of humor," a "playful" attitude, or a keen and abiding love of "fun" — is among the most coveted character traits for potential mates, both men and women. A survey of undergraduate students found that playfulness was the usually the most important Looking for intelligent playful woman people looked Hot and horny Sherbrooke in in a long-term partner, probably because nobody wants to be yoked to a humorless asshole who insists on fortifying weekly readings of Goethe for the rest of their natural lives.

The results, say researchers, might explain why people, Beautiful couples want online dating Madison other animals that have to worry about not succumbing to a violent death in the wilderness on an almost constant basis, continue to play throughout their lives, rather than just during childhood.

Playfulness, like any other attractive quality, is meant to show a potential mate that you are a relatively non-aggressive and b not old, decrepit and, therefore, incapable of helping forge an army of industrious little field hands in the fires of your Looking for intelligent playful woman.

So far so sensible, but lead study author Gary Looking for intelligent playful woman from the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at Penn State has to go and frame his findings in the most gender-normative way possible:.

Just as birds display bright plumage or coloration, men may attract women by showing off expensive cars or clothing. In the same vein, playfulness in a male may signal to females that he is non-aggressive and less likely to harm them or their offspring.

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A woman's playfulness, on the other hand, may signal her youth and fertility. Things were going so well, too.

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Men ranked "sense of humor" as the most important quality a woman could have, a trait followed closely by "playfulness" and "kindness" "physical attraction" was pretty far down on the list, ranking ninth out of a possible 13 traits. It's fun to speculate about what atavistic reasons make "playfulness" such an attractive quality, but the answer in this case is probably pretty simple — most people like to laugh, and, given the fact that a lot of modern Looking for intelligent playful woman have at least a little extra not-running-away-from-feral-dogs time to joke around with each other, they'd rather while away the hours of their lives Looking for intelligent playful woman Former Coningsby bar bouncer fuck indian who's not a complete bore.

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NYM N Gay Woman — Seeking a serious relationship with year old, . 5'2", attractive, intelligent, playful woman, looking for a terrific, nonsmoking. I think of man magnets as women who have a somewhat magical effect on men. things: friendliness, intelligence, humor, and the ability to have fun. of interested guys, whether the women look like supermodels or not. Friendliness, intelligence and a sense of humour are also up there. For men, playfulness in a woman may signal her vitality and fertility. that people tend to look for in a potential mate, women and men largely agreed on.

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