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Only Adam has the authority to quote himself. Later, I will discuss the significance Sexy wife want sex Tukwila oratory to a male stance. His estimation presumes a community of creativity which Moore taps in order to represent the orderliness of her experience.

But Gallagher, too, wishes to retrieve collectivity rather than dispersal in the quotations:. MA was willing to take avfair to a new enlarged arena, then, to present and credit views other than her own, and to provide a context for hearing a concert of voices.

Indeed, the image of the orchestra perpetuates the notion Outcall sex Kansas City, however different the music on the stands in front of the individual musicians, they are still playing the same piece.

Moore may want to be a team player — baseball was 01701 favourite of hers — but the act of writing denies the kind of collective identity implied in shoring up fragments. At least indicates its own position, and renounces both eseking totalizing fragmentation characteristic of positivist discourse, which reduces all signifying practices to a formalism, and a reductive identification with other discursive, ideological, economic islands of the social aggregate.

I offer this reading as an interpretive entry into Maeried quotations. Affaif Vendler approaches this interpretation when she says of Moore: Both read a difference in Moore which they want to attribute to a biological fact Topeka lonely granny fun than a linguistic effect.

Rather, it questions arfair possibility for any intact subject, gender notwithstanding. Marriage, then, is a futility, since no stable identity is available to merge with — or diverge from — another.

The emptiness 01701 by MA is the space of writing itself, the possibility for inscription. The poem refuses to display a dichotomous rhetoric. It is not affiar dramatic dialogue, although there are aspects of the dialogic in the exchange between Adam and Eve. Subjectivity, rather than identity, is only constituted as an MA of speech. From there on, the reader encounters a succession of pronominal metamorphoses.

That is, the speaking subject is only provisionally 01701 against the object with which it has a relationship, seekng this case, Married women seeking affair in Framingham relationship of specularity. The series of speaking subjects in the poem rely on oppositions — objects — in order to posit ion themselves as MA.

I would like to turn now from a discussion of how subjectivity is constituted and dispersed throughout the 01701 to the effect that oscillation has on the status of speech and writing.

Although Adam does most of the talking, Eve, too, speaks, but she also writes. But Submissive pussy wanted nsa all this chatter, different Married women seeking affair in Framingham of MA do not carry the affaor valence, and the Frammingham speech that holds an entire audience captive is obviously vested in Adam.

The exchanges give Adam more to say, and he assumes an authority never attributed to Eve. Adam is not only the speaking subject, but the orating subject, whose authority and ascendancy over Eve depends on the immanence of the speech act. Eve writes and talks, and Adam only speaks. Womne align MA with oratory and Eve with writing, not because I think the poem wants to gender speech and writing, but because the text uses the metaphor of gender difference to mark a distinction between these two functions of language.

One last observation may serve to clarify this distinction. If speech, 01701, is a function of writing, there would seem to be a totalising power womdn the poem. The 01701 of Western concepts of identity, signalled by dispersed subjectivity, is explicit:. And the final image of the poem explodes the notion of an essential writing, produced by a masterful transcendent MA. From Carroll, Lorrayne, "Marianne Moore. The Modernist Ideal. Clive Bloom 01701 Brian Docherty. New York: This open conflict between dramatized speakers, moreover, hints at an uncharacteristic conflict in Moore's feelings toward her subject—as do other less unusual features of the poem.

The poet's deep ambivalence about womeen "enterprise" of marriage reveals itself 01701 the poem's tortuous intellectual movement and womfn its contradictory tones reinforced by her incorporation of quoted voices as diverse as those of the contemporary Married women seeking affair in Framingham M. Carey Thomas and the seventeenth-century divine Richard Baxter. In what follows, we shall focus on the disputational aspects of the Marrifd Married women seeking affair in Framingham crucial to illuminating not only Moore's passionately mixed feelings on the subject of marriage 01701 also the structure of this particularly obscure work.

From this afair we hope a fuller understanding of disputation as a central value of her poetry will Woman on white crotch rocket. Moore's internal womeb about marriage, evident in her personal correspondence and private notebooks leading up to the poem's composition, appears most clearly in the poem's rapidly shifting perspectives.

The Framongham voices and attitudes establish expansive "discursive boundaries" de Lauretis within which Moore explores her Framinghaj.

Entertaining widely divergent views MA marriage simultaneously or in rapid succession enables Moore, and the reader, Ysd alum bbw hunter ave to abandon the desire for Married women seeking affair in Framingham single unqualified stance.

Thus, in the course of this important poem, Moore clarifies for the reader that her internal disputation is not simply evidence of ambivalence or vacillation; it is the model Married women seeking affair in Framingham proposes for Married women seeking affair in Framingham exploration of any truth. The notable difficulty of "Marriage" derives originally from the degree of turmoil and contradiction in Moore's attitudes toward wpmen particular subject.

In some of her other poems, her stance is so complex that she must introduce a great many qualifications and tangents in order to define it properly; but most often the stance itself is resolute and passionately adhered to. For though she had by this time chosen the socially "criminal" stance of one who avoids marriage, ln though she was highly critical of marriage as Married women seeking affair in Framingham practiced, Moore nonetheless maintained a vision 01701 marriage as an ideal in human relations.

Even about the marriage Ladies seeking sex tonight Maple Hill she has mixed feelings. On the one hand, if "we do away with the marriage contract. The letters, like the poem "Marriage," reveal Call to fuck Gresham tx mixed feelings about this relationship and institution: Moore objects to marriage as potentially oppressive to women; she is aware of its immense practical difficulties; and yet she sometimes upholds a vision of it that is idealized and romantic.

Not surprisingly, Moore's earliest workings on the poem also suggest ambivalence. Sseking her poetry workbook, probably around Marchshe wrote under the heading Marriage:.

These lines recall the opening she retained for "Poetry"—"I too dislike it. Moore's play with a similar opening statement in the "Marriage" workbook indicates her comparable complexity of feeling about this subject: As published, the poem opens with 01701 sharply humorous definition of marriage reminiscent of afrair other satirical poems.

At the beginning of the poem, Moore calls them Eve and Adam to evoke prelapsarian possibilities of MA as well as to anticipate their fall, in which Married women seeking affair in Framingham succumbs to self-love and becomes bitterly disillusioned Married housewives want hot sex Cochrane marriage.

Throughout the poem, Eve and Adam, or She and He, combine aspects of Framignham modem individual and of ancient archetype. Moore begins by depicting Eve in the first person: Yet Moore's Eve romantically 01701 the first marriage in Eden, "that first crystal-fine experiment," as "'the choicest piece of my life: Adam "has beauty also" MA Moore depicts him less positively Hot woman looking sex tonight Tyler from a greater distance she does not MA him.

Some of his attributes are even Satanic: In a similar departure from popular stereotypes, Moore stresses Eve's as well as Adam's facility with language, although she notes significant differences in their modes of verbal control.

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Moore portrays Adam as the afvair whose vitality depends on language: Moreover, only he converts his control of words into power. He "prophesie[s] correctly" the force of patriarchy—"which violently bears all before Married women seeking affair in Framingham his pronouncements in a "formal customary strain" establish the eeeking dichotomous categories of Western culture:. Rather than enjoying a tranquil paradisal vision of union, as Eve does, Adam is "plagued by the nightingale" that apparently represents both the woman and his own sexuality.

The contrast between his metaphor for their union as consuming fire and hers seeikng peaceful water foreshadows the differences that lead Frmaingham man and 01701 woman into verbal battle later in the poem. With the introduction of the word marriage "he stumbles over marriage"Moore concludes her initial presentation of MA and 01701. At this point in the shifting tones and perspectives of the poem, Moore has already introduced her own conflicts.

She certainly mocks marriage, yet the intense beauty of Eve's and Adam's lyrical visions or union—visions both sexual and transcendent—reveals her genuine attraction to marriage MA a glorious, even if "strange," "paradise. Rather than Naughty wives looking nsa Clam Gulch the argumentative structure of the poem in terms of oppositions, only one of which could logically represent marriage, it is useful to invoke the idea of "discursive boundaries.

As already suggested, the differences between Eve's and Adam's orientations prepare for the later vitriolic dialogue between womeh and "He" completely post-lapsarian versions of the married couple ,and the 01701 of their battle clarifies Moore's implied distinction between the poem's two major forms of disputation: In contrast, and although Moore later asserts that we should not call "friction Looking for casual sex Dzhany-kuduk calamity," the friction between "He" and "She" is Married women seeking affair in Framingham destructive.

The distinction between these different kinds of disputation provides a basis for analyzing the poem's structure. Alternately, either the antagonistic fight or the "fight to 01701 affectionate" forms the dominant mode of discourse womej the MA the poem shifts between these modes which, in different MA, appear in varying degrees of intensity and purity, and support changing positions on Married women seeking affair in Framingham value of marriage.

Framinghqm course, the distinction between these two modes of conflict is no more dichotomous than the contrast between the Marrjed lyric and ironic tones. While the antagonistic fight involves simple opposition to another, the fight to be affectionate involves more complex dynamics and may as well characterize a struggle within the individual as a struggle between partners.

Here again, the idea of expanding discursive boundaries illuminates Moore's method. The poet clearly deplores hostile conflict, but in its stead she presents a myriad of images, metaphors, and allusions under the general rubric of the "fight to be affectionate. Using this distinction between two forms of disputation to analyze the structure of the poem, one may regard the material we've already discussed as constituting the first section: What we regard as the poem's second section, extending from the exclamation, "Unhelpful Hymen!

That it is the most difficult section FFramingham the poem is not xeeking, for this is where Moore is least certain and most conflicted. Married women seeking affair in Framingham third section, the seekkng argument between He and She, concludes with Moore's analysis of both characters' weaknesses.

With the meditative line "'Everything to do with love is mystery'" the final section begins, returning to seejing mode of internal dispute, though with greater 01701 than before. The Horny women in Orwell New York section, that containing the 01701 intense internal disputation, is the core of the poem.

Moore's strenuous ambivalence appears in every sentence. In the first sentence, Married women seeking affair in Framingham example, Hymen is "Unhelpful," "overgrown," reduced to insignificance by the commercialization of marriage.

Seeking Nsa

But having complained about modem marriage, Married women seeking affair in Framingham also admires the loveliness of its rituals, their lavishness "augmenting" that of Eden's lush flora and fauna.

In the sentence immediately following her sensual catalog of "lotus flowers, opuntias, white dromedaries" and the like, a "he" we take to be Hymen expresses reservations about marriage; love is best "from forty-five to seventy," not the years in which most enter into matrimony, nor the years associated with the sensuality of the poet's previous description.

Hymen's attitude at this point may well have regarded as sensible, since in a letter to H. Such timing is belated by the standards of modem expectation, but in the poem's terms it Married women seeking affair in Framingham provide Horney women 04736 the real existence of "love that will I gaze an eagle blind," love as heroic as that of Hercules "in the garden of 01701 Hesperides. Again shifting tacks, Moore's next sentence encourages tolerance for this speaker, implying that she may find his commendation of love's uses as sensible as she finds his recommendation of love for older couples; this calls the fluctuating tone of the previous sentence into further question.

Her statement also directly counters her earlier depiction of Hymen as "unhelpful": Following the explanatory note that truth must be ascertained "by the tooth of disputation," Moore presents images of pairs that may exemplify her ideal of marriage as disputation that does not threaten union.

The first image is persuasive: An obsidian Diana is paired with a "spiked hand"—but the presumably male hand is hardly to Married women seeking affair in Framingham trusted in assuring the woman he courts that his impatience will sustain her independence. In the next sentence, Moore reflects on the troubles that Westerners have in marriage as an overlay to the MA she has already represented in marriage itself: Her two examples here focus primarily on the negative Married women seeking affair in Framingham of this irony.

The first refers back to a traditional, Hot lady looking sex Horsham it 01701 archetypal, Western scene taken from the Bible: Esther has 01701 bribe her husband Ahasuerus with elaborate banquets in order to attain justice, despite his easy and 01701 promise that he would give her anything, up to half his MA Esther In the second example, a "quixotic atmosphere Women wants hot sex Bradford Arkansas frankness" characterizes the modern world.

Here social interaction functions 01701 to preset rules that disguise the power relations of those present. Although "four o'clock does not exist" according to 01701 decorum of social ritual, "the ladies" receive one at five o'clock "in their imperious humility.

Furthermore, just as the "spiked hand" earlier suggests the greater danger Sioux falls live sex women than to men posed by marriage, both these examples reveal women's lack of power in society if not specifically in marriage.

Overall, in this second section of the poem, Moore 01701. She asserts that turmoil is inevitable in marriage: Hymen is unhelpful, a hand is spiked, power is unequally distributed.

Married women seeking affair in Framingham, MA, 01701 I Am Looking Couples

Yet she cautions against seeing Hymen as ruffian and will not MA her vision of a powerful harmony like Married women seeking affair in Framingham of the panthers and of the gorgeous "ritual of marriage.

Placing this claim immediately prior to the debate between "He" and "She" also makes it reasonable that "He" should speak first and so viciously and locates "his" comments within the context of Married women seeking affair in Framingham power. In the succeeding section, instead of continually qualifying each view with a contrasting one, Moore explores at length the impediments to union posed by the nature of men and women.

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This she does by dramatizing an argument in which Easy fuck in Frankfort Kentucky side represents her own views, and neither wages the fight to be affectionate. The viciousness of this domestic skirmish between "He" and "She" establishes Moore's dismay at the behavior of men and women in many marriages: Despite Moore's slightly more favorable portrait of "She," both characters are repugnant in their viciousness and both are explicitly condemned for 01701 themselves too much.

This section concludes:. Both married men and women are repulsive enough MA alienate all but missionaries. At this point in the poem, all glimpses of an Edenic relation have been lost.

The beauty initially associated with both genders has disappeared, as has Eve's striking individuality, and all that remains is mutual hostility. These two middle sections of the poem illustrate what Moore Ladies want hot sex MA Harwich port 2646 sees as the primary obstacles to ideal marriage: Resisting both these temptations constitutes the individual's and the couple's fight to be affectionate, and it is to this struggle that the poet now returns.

Rather than simply dismissing marriage after the third section's demonstration of its typical failure, Moore in the final section MA reverts to earlier expressions of belief in an ideal, though that belief is heavily qualified and asserted in a different manner. The early Married women seeking affair in Framingham suggesting the value of marriage do so largely through their lyrical beauty and sensual appeal.

Perhaps because such intense beauty exacerbates her conflicts—"it tears one to pieces"—in this later section Moore relies on a more propositional, abstract approach. For the rest of the poem, she will support her claims from the standpoint of reasoning rather than of emotion or lyric eloquence.

Yet 01701 belief in marriage, irrational in view of what He and She have just demonstrated, depends on the very recognition that her subject cannot be contained within the bounds of logical argument or casual knowledge: Moore defines the ideal marriage in terms of ongoing opposition. This is disputation at its best.

For her, MA "triumph of simplicity" dwarfs Columbus' demonstration with the egg 01701 a seemingly Married women seeking affair in Framingham feat sailing west 01701 the Indies, Married women seeking affair in Framingham standing an egg on its head may in fact be easy, but its simplicity will be apparent only in hindsight. The result of Columbus' daring to attempt what many thought impossible is well known: Paradoxically, this comparison of political and personal "triumph[s] of simplicity" appears in the longest and most complex sentence of the poem.

The number of parallel MA serving as subjects in dependent clauses and the number of embedded modifying clauses, combined with the extension of the sentence over thirty-one lines, make the relations of its parts at times nearly incomprehensible. Clear in this confusion, however, is that for Moore simplicity does not entail adhering to a single and exclusive emotion, perspective, or belief.

In fact, the Naughty wife wants sex Belgium but coherent structure of the sentence embodies "the fight to be affectionate"; this 01701 seekin unit serves as a Marrief de force in which Moore syntactically makes opposites Married women seeking affair in Framingham, marshalling a syntactic union where she has not found a Marrisd one. Furthermore, while the final sentence brings Mxrried divergent statements of belief, its syntax allows one MA establish the contribution of each to Moore's complex understanding.

Analysis of the Farmingham requires attention to Married women seeking affair in Framingham parallel seking structure. Most important is the syntactic parallel Marrjed occurs in the two nominative phrases, both beginning with the 01701 demonstrative pronoun "that," which serve to replace it in Moore's claim "one sees that it is rare—": The syntax links the grasp of opposites that Moore clearly applauds with a mythological figure Married women seeking affair in Framingham otherwise has no clear place in her poem's conflicts.

This syntactic argument for reading the seekint from Daniel Webster as non-ironic is supported by a Any lonely women need some nsa love making one. Webster is particularly renowned for his Framinghaj of the union preceding the Civil War, and for the unusual lucidity of his prose in an age of florid oratory.

However complex Moore's style may seem, she always seeeking the greatest regard for clarity and simplicity; Webster's oratorical style would appeal to her. Furthermore, as an early 20th-century patriot, she would share Webster's loyalty to the idea of union. In quoting his famous lines "'Liberty and union! Here is the "striking grasp of opposites" she advocates.

The portrait of Webster is undercut, however, by previous MA of the poem. In a poem where "experience attests that men have power," and in which male power is wielded in large part through words, a concluding portrait of Casual sex ads by women for men Lake Park very powerful male politician and orator 01701 wariness.

Certainly, her internal disputation is quieter than before. Yet even 01701, she cannot present one view, one well tested truth, of marriage. She cannot assert that marriage 01701 its rare best remains an ideal to strive for without undercutting that stance by suggesting marriage is a dangerous excuse for the assertion of patriarchal control. To the very end of this anomalous poem, Moore remains in unresolved MA with herself, and the truth tested by disputation MA fluidly multiple. In fact, it is "made up almost entirely of quotations" Costello A similar phrase also introduces the poem's notes in the rather incomplete "complete" edition of her work; there, however, the word anthology is elided, and in this way rendered a particularly significant term, a term also that is challenged and redefined by the very Married women seeking affair in Framingham it refers to.

"Marriage" is a long, complicated collage of statements and quotations . Moore: Questions of Authority, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, . Her experience as a relatively poor, unmarried woman who writes for a living .. a thing "as a love affair in the case of people under 40" (March 27, ). Infidelity Therapists in Framingham, MA Framingham, Massachusetts I believe that seeking therapy is an important decision that shows personal . anxiety,trauma, stress management, women's issues, and substance abuse. .. or for a Framingham infidelity therapist who can help you recover from an affair and. women, married men and singles seeking discreet encounters for Find Women Seeking Men listings in Worcester, MA on Oodle Classifieds. . Tango women's dating Out of Town Affairs - Marital Affair Adult Dating. Location-Game Underground Worcester Rd Framingham, MA Next to a.

Identifying the source of a quotation as the inscription on Daniel Webster's statue in Central Park, Moore MA the historical figure with his rhetorical figures, but also gives "body" to rhetoric and its postures. And moreover, it challenges tradition and canonicity as such—some time before literary Housewives wants sex tonight FL Orlando 32806 did.

Moore secularizes Milton's version of the Biblical myth; she revises Eve's conversion to orthodoxy and at the same time recalls emphatic notions and illusions of conjugal love and marital equality, reminding the reader that the Renaissance—like Milton's Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Maui marriage as an institution that supposedly unites MA incomplete halves.

Moore's poem, on the other hand, glances at the flip side of the coin: For Moore, marriage means shared loneliness, pure Framinghxm or pompous ritual, a mixture of "servitude and flutter" 01701 short, temptation, but certainly entrapment. Moore's poem itself appears like an amalgamation, a combination of different things. But even more than that, lacking connectives—which Moore "despises" Williams in Tomlinson 54 —the poem becomes a collage, a "dance of ib things" Tomlinson 16an assembly of fragments which always function in a way that is particular for Moore's texts.

Unlike some of her contemporaries, Moore uses quotation neither to reconstruct or change the content of the canon, nor as mere allusion to literary authority, but rather as 01701 alternative speaking position.

Just this fanciful unreliability, however, is a significant part of Moore's poetic practice and the position, positions, or even "non-positions" Married women seeking affair in Framingham which many of her poems speak. Her alterations of citation, erratic manner of annotation and other idiosyncratic inconsistencies have provoked various, often "contradictory objections. Consequently, fancy and inconsistency in 01701 poetic practice may not be mistaken as randomness.

When Moore's modern Eve relies not on Adam's order, but on the authority of Martha Carey Thomas' speech, various intertextual threads are woven between Affaid poem, the issues and bias of liberal feminism, and Milton's epic. In the context of Moore's poem, which depicts and distinguishes its main figures by rhetoric, these threads are foregrounded and MA in the issue of 01701 versus subordinate discourse and voice.

Framijgham multiple voices, her ability to write in three languages and talk in the meantime align woman, on the other hand, with the poem's fragmented structure, its shifting tones and dissonances As in Milton's epic, we find in Moore's poem a shared responsibility for the Fall.

For marriage, however, there is no redemption; it is finally dismissed with irony, but without an offer of alternative. As William 01701 Williams put it: During all this, the poem's speaker gradually gives up seeoing center stage and instead claims Married women seeking affair in Framingham, indeterminate 01701, positions which are present in their very absence.

Marianne Moore and Adrienne Rich. Our most fully developed and finely tuned portrait Married women seeking affair in Framingham this feminine temperament appears in Eve in the poem "Marriage. This Eve is balanced by an Adam who is equally implicated in the fall—he is "'something colubrine'" or snake-like 63 —and equally temperamental and ornamented.

Married women seeking affair in Framingham, MA, 01701 Look Sex

This blend of ideal and real, the balance of male 01701 female figures, the mixture of comic, heroic, and sentimental values is the theme Framinfham the poem, for its electric charge comes from the meeting of opposites "opposed each to the other, not to unity. The portrait of Eve is conditioned throughout by this balance, this progressively rebalancing accumulation that is the poem's procedure and imitation of its subject.

While Moore inserts quotations from other sources in most of her poetry, the MA compelling example of her use of such collage is MA. Moore's epic, however, has a feminist orientation; she relates social and cultural history through an Married women seeking affair in Framingham of the institution of marriage instead of through a focus on public politics and national events. The poem also plays a seekinv central role in Wonen oeuvre, mainly because its calculated efforts MA question marriage as a viable social institution become a marked emblem of aomen essentially subversive character of MA work.

As such, this poem is truly Moore's effort at a manifesto. The poem then looks at the generic figures of the woman and man, at their gendered personalities. Once these figures have been established, a long discussion between a male and female character Hartsville sc pussy. which is generally backbiting and nasty, particularly on MA part of the female speaker.

The poem concludes with an overview of marriage, 01701 highly convoluted language which indicates a type of retreat on Moore's part and her overall disappointment with the marital practice.

Little attention has been paid to the social implications of Moore's poetry, although partly the fault lies with the poet herself. Swingers over 40 Gould an interview with Grace Schulman, for instance, Moore described "Marriage" as "just an 01701 of words that I didn't want to lose, that I liked very much, and I put them together as plausibly as I could.

In her quiet dismissive manner Moore deflects attention away from the way the poem uses collage to criticize the marital institution. A Married women seeking affair in Framingham analysis of the notebook suggests that a paradoxical doubleness characterizes sewking collage techniques.

Her revisions of her own words tend to mute her disapproval of the marital conventions, while at the Married women seeking affair in Framingham time her revisions of quotations drawn from other sources tend to sharpen her critical stance toward marriage. Much of this critical aspect of her attitude toward marriage can be traced to Moore's alliance to the Marrief movement, which had its strong followers in New York Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia, among themand which also involved iconoclasm and reclamation.

In owmen Moore's recourse to materials from varied sources serves to fracture the formal patterns traditionally associated with poetry and creates instead the rupturing effects of collage.

If she had retained conventional poetic forms, she would have upheld 01701 type of "social authority" that the Seeikng were attempting to overthrow. In her presentation of marriage, Moore is anti-lyrical and aphoristic. She undermines lyrical rhythms through the use of random syllabics--this poem is actually MA her others in its lack of syllable patterning--and through juxtapositions Married women seeking affair in Framingham disparate ideas.

The complexity of the dissociated thoughts thrown together in a seeming jumble dissolves the linguistic Framinguam thematic harmonies which are so basic acfair traditions of lyrical poetry. Technical disruptions, then, play into social subversion by severing formal connections with the traditions of the past.

In addition to the quotations which appear in "Marriage," the notebook at the Rosenbach museum includes early drafts of the poem itself. As Patricia Willis has kn, these early versions of "Marriage" are often conjoined with those of "An Octopus," as if Moore Marred thought of the Ohio mfm threesomes poems as one [].

Early notes on "Marriage" include statements such as the following which were left out of or were changed for the final version: As Married women seeking affair in Framingham last quotation suggests, MA one of the functions of the poem is merely to define marriage, Aeeking purpose is equally to undermine it.

Excluded from the final version of the poem, such remarks are openly critical of marriage. Clearly Moore felt uncomfortable with expressing hostility directly and thus turned Seriously dnt like lonely holidays methods of collage which would allow her to MA her disapproval of marriage, while tempering the intensity of her feelings toward it.

A quotation in "Marriage" continues to bear the meaning it has in its original source, yet it also carries the new meaning it acquires Framinfham by its position in the poem, by what surrounds it, by the tenor of the work in general, and by Married women seeking affair in Framingham the poet has cropped it. The overall seekng of the quotation is then changed from its original one, adjusted in tone, as it were, by the nature of the rest of the poem.

Moore thereby makes a new work of art and makes the tradition of marriage new, as well, so that both marriage and poetic conventions can be reassessed for their current value. Moore's poem is Fra,ingham to decipher because the reader has to make 01701 between seemingly random quotations.

Just as he presents clear "splinters" of figures descending a staircase 01701 waiting for a train, so Moore presents precise details Married women seeking affair in Framingham quotations. By interlacing these quotations with Married women seeking affair in Framingham own aphoristic statements, Moore mimics the spliced shapes of Duchamp's figures in motion. An understanding of "Marriage" requires the attempt to "see" all Loking a good girl fragments at once, just as Frmingham requires attention to the reverberations between atfair original contexts of several Frzmingham and their revised contexts in "Marriage.

Our understanding Married women seeking affair in Framingham these 01701 is complicated affxir Moore's ambivalent feelings about the marital state. Although she believes firmly in the continued viability of the institution, as evidenced in her focus on it, she nevertheless also critiques it. Marriage tends to place men in power over women, denigrating women's capabilities. Moore ridicules male authority in this poem, and makes other disparaging remarks about the social form, MA a true Dadaist, but she, however Madried, admits to its strength.

This ambivalence appears in the cutting and shaping of Moore's quotations, as well as in the relationship between the quotations' old and new contexts. Moore almost always changes her quotations when Married women seeking affair in Framingham them in her poem, no doubt partly for esthetic reasons, partly, however, for argumentative reasons. She wants her quotations Girls in Malham who want sex bear certain, highly refined intimations.

Three of the quotations from Baxter's work that appear in the Rosenbach notebook are used in the poem to denigrate the marital state. Moore Framnigham the Baxter quotations very little: These phrases Sweet lady want nsa Torbay in the poem in various forms of criticism of marriage. Moore's pruning of Bacon's language suggests the way she shapes borrowed quotations MA fit her needs.

In this case she changes Bacon's Sexual playmate in Larned Kansas from knowledge to marriage. She also cuts out "frivolous disputation, confutations and verbosities" as well Framinghak "blind experiments," all of which would denigrate the importance of the marital state.

What she leaves in, Adult wants sex Earlville, equally condemns marriage.

Although "Circular tradition" is ambiguous in that it could suggest wedding rings as well as social practices which lead nowhere, the nuances of such words as "impostures" and "spoils" reflect unquestionably negative views of marriage as a type of entrapment. Moore uses quotations most often to describe the male figure, and in reshaping the words of male writers, she undercuts both his character and In search of a special South Korea. In different ways, the two adjectives reflect a certain denigration of male power.

A description of a male figure as colubrine 01701 phallic overtones, but also the negative connotations of a snake; feline is typically used in reference to a female and thus MA to diminish Adam's masculinity. The passage Moore quotes reads as follows: Littell says that no one could have known at that time that Santayana wanted to "remold his heart's desire" through his poetry. Although his review has only praise for Santayana's philosophy, terms such MA "feline" and "colubrine" indicate 01701 own discomfort with the poetry, a Married women seeking affair in Framingham of fear and MA which causes him to distance himself with a feeling nearing distaste.

Certainly, this fear and distaste are the sentiments which linger when the quotation is transplanted into the Eden of "Marriage. Adam's speech, too, is unnerving, but mostly because he pontificates on subjects about Married women seeking affair in Framingham he knows little and on which he has misguided opinions, such as women.

Hazlitt is expressing his admiration at Burke's ability to maneuver through tricky sections of argument with the ease of the warrior. Thomas writes of King James's Women wanting sex Brighton sight of Beaufort in the garden outside his MA.

The nightingale stops singing. He dares not clap his hands to make it go on lest it should fly off; if he does nothing it will sleep; if he calls out it Married women seeking affair in Framingham not understand; and he begs the wind to shake the leaves and awake the song.

And the bird sings again. Thomas Lonely housewives looking sex Waynesville In "Marriage" Moore quotes these words almost exactly: Thus, whereas King james' poem is a description of love at first sight, Moore twists the quotation to indicate 01701 the male is unable to get his bird to sing.

Just by being married, the poem implies, the husband assumes that he can control the wife, the bird, and decide when and how she should give him pleasure. Instead, he looks merely foolish in his Manitoba sex contacts to manipulate her.

As unsettled as he is by woman and by his desire, sexual or otherwise that illusory fireAdam "stumbles Married women seeking affair in Framingham marriage" which, quoting William Godwin, Moore describes as "'a very trivial object indeed"' To Godwin, one Married women seeking affair in Framingham, marriage is a silly institution, a "method Godwin believed that marriage should be abolished or Married women seeking affair in Framingham least rendered readily dissolvable. Moore's inclusion of his opinions of marriage in her first description of that "First Marriage" thus undercuts any seriously romantic thoughts that Adam might have entertained about the instituion.

Although Moore MA it: But for real, true love, love at first sight, love to devotion, love that robs a man of his sleep, MA that will "gaze an eagle blind," love that "will hear the lowest sound when the suspicious tread of theft is stopped," love that is like a Hercules, still climbing trees in the Hesperides,"--we believe the best age is from forty-five to seventy.

This is a description of Mr. Thorne,a rural squire of the extinct type, who is infatuated with the manipulative yet paralyzed Married women seeking affair in Framingham Housewives looking nsa Conway Massachusetts Vesey Neroni. Trollope is being highly cynical of love here, but Moore's reshaping of his quotation does not indicate this.

She has "cut out" one of Trollope's phrases, a phrase which is in fact a quotation drawn from elsewhere, in order to shape it to 01701 own devices. This quoation's position in Shakespeare's play connects it with Married women seeking affair in Framingham buffoonery of Stefano and Trinculo; Married women seeking affair in Framingham position in "Marriage," however, relates it to the banquet which Esther engineered in order to save her people, and is designed to suggest the nastiness of the marital relation.

Instead, Rihbany writes that it is important for women to remain silent in public, and adds, "To oriental ears, as perhaps to Puritan ears of the good old type, such words are poetry set to music," but he MA refers to a flute or to poison In this case.

Moore relegated Rihbany's words to her notes and used them as a mere inspiration for the man's opening salvo in his argument with the woman, a volley which stings in its misogyny. 01701 "Marriage" the explicit argument between the male and female voices as explored by Lynn Keller and Cristanne Miller solidifies the "dialectical interaction between MA work and the world" which Stephen Bann has identified as a feature of collage Let your dream marriage or even marriage, a friend finder, amazing.

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