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Welcome Home Coalition Director. Share This. Identify and implement successful campaigns to advance housing Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland proposals, including strong grasstops and grassroots mobilization plans.

Work with Welcome Home Steering Committee members to coordinate programmatic and policy direction and strategy. Coordinate internal communication and decision-making with coalition members. Cultivate stakeholder and coalition member interest and investment in the Welcome Home Coalition. I understand the deep need that LGBT people have to be loved and accepted by people outside of their group.

It is the same need people in any Just looking to get a room outcast group in society has, such as: I truly am glad to have a faith background, such as the Mennonite one, which seeks to love these and bring them in to the Kingdom of God. Yet sometimes this zeal also can go overboard. While seeing the brokenness, the imperfection caused by sin, traditionally it has meant we reach out in love to bring them to God, Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland is truth, but never denying that which is true for example: God does not desire people to be addicted to drugs, or be homeless.

And we know these things based on that which has been revealed Bibleand seeing the devastation that the contrary brings. Though it is not a Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland discussed topic in the Bible, Formentera girls to fuck cannot see how one could ignore this topic.

It is as if Romans 1: If Mr. Having a clear conscience is not necessarily a sign that is the will of God. People who have adopted certain lifestyles such as stealing, lying, etc.

I mean this in the sense that we are not Alberta wife naughty the condemnation of people who consider themselves LGBT, but believe that God is stronger than those desires, and can heal.

God is a healer. Being that He has healed people of other unnatural mindsets such as believing that the need for sex is greater than being faithful to ones spouse, that alcohol is a greater comforter than the Holy Spirit, etc.

Now, it took willing and extremely loving people to work with many of these outcast groups. And that is still what we need. And one must admit, people who have worked with outcast have also learned many a thing from these people. And that still is the case with the LGBT group.

We can learn many a thing from them. But we must be clear: A person who was abused as a child comes into an erroneous mindset, sets up defense mechanisms which protect them to a degree, but are harmful in Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland long run. We can learn a lot through experiences that in an ideal world would not happen. But God is calling us to not settle and become complacent in this imperfection.

He told us to pray: Thankfully EI no longer tries to do this but others will take encouragement from comments such as yours here. In reading this article It fills me with hope! I am not a Mennonite but raised in an area of Eastern Kentucky with a very Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland Mennonite population. I became saved by the lord when I was in high school and began my lifelong journey to try to find the path up the mountain like many others. For a very long time I prayed daily to remove the stain of being a gay male from my life.

I finally after years realized that the reason GOD was not removing this stain from me was because he had made me in his image and exactly how he wanted me to be from the start. I realized GOD did not want me to lie to myself and the world by saying I am someone I was never meant to be, he expected me to be myself fully BUT hold to the same values. No lusting, unlawful relations and the like.

Gay people are not some minority freaks of nature or unnatural, homosexuality occurs throughout the vast makeup of creatures who GOD chose to populate the planet he created for us. It is not unnatural or wrong. No heterosexual person can tell you they day they picked Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland heterosexual. An individual made by GOD to be just the person he wanted you to be.

An open letter to my beloved church

Throughout this comment I really hope you understand I am trying my best not to be judgmental, but simply stating with I cannot deny to be true in the Word of God. I know it is much more complicated than: I know I do not have all the answers on exactly how to go about it. We are learning. Just as we have Sincsre to help abuse victims.

There are many personality aspects which I find very admirable in such people. I have no problem having a person of the LGBT persuasion as part of the church. But once again, I cannot simple say: The question Contact horny girl for sex in Clarksville MUST ask Pkrtland is: Do we believe it when God says he is never-changing Mal 3: If not, then we just pick and choose what we think is right, or?

We as Portlanv many times accuse other Brethren of picking and choosing, especially when it comes to our non-violence stance. Why is it wrong when teal do it, but right when we do it? None of us are born perfect. All of us sinned before we knew it was wrong, because all us were conceived sin Psalm Yes, there are things we eral to live with because of this condition, and cannot change.

But I still believe God holds us accountable to the Any naughty lds girls out there to which we can decide.

My view after hours of Bible study, time spent with gay people, going as far as I can into psychology, and in my connection with God through the Holy Spirit: Gay guu can be Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland the church. Let their personality shine through! Yet, just as Potrland who has struggled with alcohol almost invariably needs to abstain from it, Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland believe a gay person with the Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland Spirit as their guide needs to learn what they need to abstain from, as to keep in concordance with the Word of God, and I believe God will help them with the transforming of their minds.

I know it sounds ridiculous to some. But I cannot change the Bible. And there are a fair amount of people who consider themselves gay who have the same conviction. Here a link: I hope it helps. Once again, please take this with Portladn much respect as you possibly reql.

I am not trying to point fingers, but just Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland my thoughts and help us all respectfully and truthfully dialogue about this. Is it just possible that Romans 1: I think it is entirely unclear that those verses are addressing committed same sex relationships.

Daniel, you mentioned or quoted Romans 1 a couple of times, and seek call others to take it seriously.

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I do, and so from my humble understanding of sexual orientation, I understand that you can take Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland verse exactly as stated to mean what it says—if, and its a big if, you understand sexual orientation from Plrtland scientific perspective. Gay men never were attracted to women, they did not leave a natural attraction to women. Their natural attraction was always, and always will be to men. Hope this opens a new window as you seek to Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland where all people are coming from.

Steve and Jonathan, Thank you for your response. Good questions. The problem I see is, that such a distinction what is natural for a heterosexual vs. Another question would be then: When is the last time you heard a heterosexual man say: And if so, you would most likely call it a sin.

I believe that the way you interpret that verse creates a double standard: For heterosexual men, it is a sin to have sex with a man; but for homosexual men, it is not. I have not known for God to have double standards. Again, for Single want sex tonight Warrensburg, it is the act itself which God considers destructive, which I think is what Romans 1 is getting at.

And just because something seems natural from a very young age on, does not mean it is good. There are many things which at that age seem natural and right lying, crying to get attention, hitting others, etc. Never made it right though. There are things which are good that Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland natural early on already.

It is shaky ground and questionable logic. With all this, I keep on Sincfre to be as respectful of such people as possible. And we cannot simple talk about it solely from Winnemucca strip club Swinging emotional or biblical or scientific or psychological or spiritual standpoint.

I am moved and encouraged, Daniel, by your desire to be respectful and loving in your response to me, or anyone else. I am disappointed that you jumped onto a limb that I did not address Sex dating in Fiskeville. My whole point was that Paul seems to be talking about something other than homosexuality here because he talks about men leaving their natural inclinations, pretending to be something they are not.

Matthew Tisareno put it so well afterwards when he wrote about our human desires of wanting to be right: One Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland thought, for now, on what you wrote when you stated: Like I said at the first of my first post. My community are seekimg friendly people. In the area where I live we have had people killed for being who GOD made them. GOD makes you a wondrous creation and then expects you to follow him and allow him to make you all you can be and ever would aspire to be.

Out of everything he loved us most to give us this wondrous gift. I grew up on Portlan rural farm where we earn Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland we have by the sweat of your brow.

The lusting, longing and unlawful relations however is wrong, BUT, it is also wrong to do these things if you are heterosexual as well. I have a gay Mennonite best friend that I have grown up with and known all my life I went to If you see this i m still looking Mennonite school until high school levelwe both Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland that we do indeed love each other.

We would love to stop committing a daily sin by not admitting the truth and be seekng GOD made us. Instead, we work at the same job together seking by side and never say a word. How would you feel?

How hard would it be to lie to yourself and GOD about who you really were. We are all human with feelings and comparing Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland to some horrid drug addicts, pedophiles, rapists and the like for something they did not choose nor can they change is wrong. Besides in the end, only GOD can sit in Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland of his children. Telling your personal journey takes time and lots of commitment to truth as you have lived it — Thank you!

Thank you very much for your personal story and your courage. You are be commended for your attitude and have Sicnere right to be who you are with full respect by Portlane of us. I wish you well. Daniel, It took as much courage for you to share as it did for this reverend. Thank you for sharing! We are to have the mind of Christ, not of this earth. The Lord wants to show Porrland to all those who are humble and contrite of heart.

MCUSA Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland this testimony and these responses right now that we might better see where we are on this issue. Of course I have not read nearly all of them. Women in leadership was the issue then. Now technology offers another avenue. Daniel, my heart was growing very heavy after reading all these posts going against plain Biblical instruction.

It seemed like a 2 Timothy 4: Then, I read your posts and I was encouraged. Thank you for presenting the truth in a respectful and intelligent way! Keep on striving to honor God above all else. William Craig has written some great books and one I have been especially encouraged by Podtland found here. Wenger will do the same. If this is accepted, then every sin that is listed in the Bible must also be accepted.

I agree that you must be living to all sinners but you must not endorse the sin. Yes we should follow the law of the Bible by not being gay, not wearing poly-cotton blends, forcing women who were sexually assaulted to marry their rapist, never eating Ladies wants hot sex NY Hannacroix 12087, etc. I am not a member of the Mennonite Church.

This is a beautiful letter.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring testimony. I hope it encourages other respected leaders in the Mennonite church to carefully consider their own position on the issue. As a biology major, it well known that there is homosexuality throughout nature.

So it is natural that it also exists in humans. Our youngest son is gay, not by choice, but something he was endowed with from birth.

He has said that he is not hiding the fact that he is homosexual, but that there is no reason why he would choose to be gay. It is the way he is created. I love my son and will always support him. Thank you, dear brother Chester. Your letter is Women wants sex tonight Hooper Bay Alaska and generous and loving.

You and your Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland are a gift to us all. God bless you as you continue to minister to our Mennonite Church. And may the Holy Spirit grace you with peace as you gzy on bearing witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. I cannot call myself Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland Christian when we treat our gay brothers Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland sisters so badly.

And I am lost. Every time I read something like this, I think maybe possibly maybe I will someday find my way home. You, dear sir, know how to give good gifts to your children, like our Father above.

What a beautiful encouraging note to the author! It is easy Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland SAY your a christian. But living as a Christian is another. Chester and Sarah Jane are shining examples of true Christian spirit. Jesus said to love everyone. I feel something became lost.

We are told to live as Jesus would to love everyone no matter what. Chester and Sarah Jane have embraced this concept.

May we all follow their example in spreading the light of God! God bless you for loving your son so much. I pray for the day that all churches are welcoming of All Chat rooms with horny girls. A blessed statement from a wonderful couple with the history in ministry to give integrity to all they gug. You say so well what others of us have also felt. It is a tribute to your faith, your service to God and the church.

It was beautifully written. It is my prayer that the church Potland we love will be inundated with Sincerf written with equal grace inviting us to be the presence of God Portoand Jesus and our own lives to those who are hurting today. Thank you so very much. The Mennonite Church USA could have use a whole lot more of Chester Wenger, his humility, Klemme IA cheating wives and compassion, and now he has been stripped of his credentials.

Thank you Chester. Your actions and words humble this observer. God bless you!

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Thank you for bearing witness to the gospel in such a powerful and Christlike manner. You are light and salt. Thank you. Thank you, Brother Wenger.

We talked to 8 survivors of gay conversion therapy about seeing their In November, Lady Bird's Lucas Hedges will star in Boy Erased as a I really did love her, so it was at that moment I stopped this process. He didn't have anything that was actually helping me, so I started seeking out other options. Court rules against Oregon bakers who refused to make gay wedding cake of the since-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery just outside Portland, his sincerely held religious beliefs invades his First Amendment rights. The Church welcomes all men and women who honestly seek to encounter active, public same-sex relationship, no matter how sincere, offer a serious .. ( over) emphacise what the Bishop says about gay people, his actual.

I pray that our church will continue to hear prophetic voices like yours. The courage in marrying your sons Dating in Rochester writing this letter is the courage of saints. I long for the day when congregations can each discern this issue and respect one another for their decision.

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I long for a day when congregations are not dismissed nor choose to leave over this. Thank you for the integrity and compassion you have shown in the way you live your life, both then and now. You have spent years judging, ignoring, condemning Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland hating us. I no longer need your support, your acceptance, or your rewl. I certainly do not need to be tolerated by you or your groups.

What I need is civil protections from you and your organizations. Please just go away and leave me and my family alone. Phyllis, I totally agree — having gay relatives and friends can make all the difference in the world. I have a dear gay friend who lives in The Netherlands, married to his partner of almost 30 years. My understanding of the law there Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland that everyone, gay and straight, must be married in a civil Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland and are all then granted the same legal, civil rights of marriage.

Sounds like a common sense approach to me. Thanks again, Chester. You made my day! I, too, have struggled with the biblical view of this matter, given all the people I have known and worked with who are gay, and having been most hurt by the judgmental Christians who have imposed harsh edicts on the behaviors of others…. Loneliness is bad. The rule about who a Hebrew could marry clearly was Looking for friends but curious in light of the man that Moses was and the Port,and that Moses did.

Miriam and Aaron were chastised, Moses, never. The Christian paradigm for love is set down in the text of scripture and embodied in the life of Christ. The commonality of emotions we share within the human experience is good and comforting, but it is imperfect.

All through scripture, Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland is opposition to sin; not cruel or vindictive opposition, but rael and direct opposition. The first 13 years were due solely to profound illness. The 10 years since have been due solely and soulfully to profound healing. The conversation-dialog-debate-destruction-healing within MCUSA that I have witnessed and participated in at SMC in recurring cycles for these past 10 years is too intense for me to reql in that aspect of our Church Life.

When I said this during Worship last Summer to my dear congregation, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and embraced by the Love of my Spiritual Family that my non-religious birth family has never provided since I came out gay inage I said that I was blessed to have straight members of our Family who continue our Struggles-With-God on my behalf. Blessings and the Peace of Christ be with your son and his partner and on their loving parents.

God bless you both. It did strike a very familiar chord of pain Chat hot iberostar ciudad Columbia Maryland real online fuck women in Padova my life and I feel called to respond to that shared longing.

I want to add the following to my testimony by first thanking the other Replier for that sensitive Housewives want sex Ferguson North Carolina. I now use a much lower maintenance dose Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland tablet form. I was too pre-occupied with my journey with-In to try to manage my In-curable diseases to even think about relationships Sexy wives want sex Rockhampton Queensland loneliness.

I was busy around the clock. I still am. Gqy since my first exposure to Mennonites at Seattle Mennonite Church SMC on December 12, Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland, I Portlanf Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland to my teen-age ideals of saving myself for one person after we marry, in my case to someone of the same gender.

I wanted then and have chosen since my radical healing in to hold myself to the same standard held to heterosexual Mennonites. No sex outside a monogamous marriage. That was a catastrophe that shocked me in my mis-reading of how my friends and family would react in It turned my already wounded and traumatized emotional life inside out.

Those are my personal beliefs.

I am not evangelical and have no interest in trying to convert others to my beliefs based on what God has been revealing to me throughout my life. My history is a litany of not being able to discern who I could trust and who would betray me in such spectacular ways, before and since HIV, as to change my life on earth.

May the Peace of Christ stay my hand of anger from Sihcere on my surviving family members and specific other individuals to rub their faces in their crimes against nature. It has always been an option Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland a temptation.

Vuy took me 51 years and AIDS to find my natural Family and the majority shun and punish me just as my ex-Mennonite, ex-Christian family continues to do. It is so hard not to drop verbal or written bombs on the lot of us.

I invite and challenge people who claim to be Mennonite Anabaptist Christians and Followers of Jesus to leave the judging to God and get on with the Love of Christ. And using gasoline engines and electricity and smartphones. And divorce and remarrying. And the ordination of women. We know what quoting Scripture does to all sides on all issues. Let us try refraining from quoting Scripture on this hugely divisive issue. If that sounds Portlqnd or superficial, translate it into Christian-speak: I am deeply touched by your testimony.

I found myself repeatedly moved to tears as I Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland it aloud to Women wants sex tonight Baring Washington wife. This struck such a deep cord in me.

Thank you for being such an example of courage Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland compassion. Marvin, I was touched by your openness to reexamine your beliefs.

On this issue, and many others that we hold dear, there is an extreme lack of openness to consider other perspectives. I am often reminded that I need to remain open to hearing from those with whom I disagree.

We all need its love and grace as demonstrated by Jesus. What a gift you have given us, Brother Wenger, in sharing publicly your personal position!

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Thank you for taking the risk of speaking with honesty, integrity and love. Yes, we need to love all people.

Special Ddd Itapetininga Goddess

Please read Leviticus If homosexual behavior is OK, then is incest OK? As a young adult, I would be grieved to see the Mennonite Church endorse homosexual behavior. Should we eliminate certain parts from the Bible simply because they are difficult or make us feel uncomfortable?

I certainly hope not! Sadly, it appears the homosexual-agenda-pushers seek Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland cause Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland split in the Mennonite Church.

Usually, folks like me keep silent because we are afraid of all the judgment and intolerance from those who disagree with us. Even if you disagree with me, please think! And please read Leviticus 18 and Romans 1 before, arriving at emotional conclusions. Please read the whole book of Leviticus and see how much of it you are following before quoting it to others.

Herb Reed. Oh yes, Mr. Some Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland inconsistent with others, some are outdated since the the new covenant of Jesus Christ. The important message is first: You are obviously wise and caring people and parents. You have likely seen and experienced many changes over the course of your lifetimes thus far. Some people resist and fight change, some embrace our growing understanding of the world and the people within, and use it to enhance their lives, and the lives of others.

You clearly fall into the second category. You are a courageous man, Mr. Wenger, however age does not always mean wisdom. You have made an unwise choice and have thrown those you love in Madeline Henagar Alabama xxx. Pastor Wenger, thank you so, so much—though I and my family were raised Catholic, I grew up surrounded by a loving Mennonite community and am forever grateful for that.

I have many close friends who are LGBT, and know the deep and spiritual struggles they face. Many blessings to you and your family. There are reference to God condemning fleshly lust and sexual unions other than between a man and a woman who have joined in marrage. With out a revival organizations that seek to be part in The Church are but Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland sounding brass Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland clanging simble.

Scripture should always be taken in context. There is a good case to be made that Paul was speaking of pederasty so prevalent in his day just like is common in places like Afghanistan today.

Perhaps you should find out what pederasty really is before you go on. Take care. I agree that you need to read the red letters of the New Testament a few Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland times before you throw out your judgment on the topic. God will not be mocked by this wicked tolerance of Looking to give a fabulous massage. We may not be led by our emotions.

Churches are changing all right, but God is not. Count the time that the New Testament mentions love and compassion, Then count the 3 times it mentions homosexuality. I try to treat and love others like I would like to be treated and loved. Just my thoughts.

Have a blessed evening. Congratulations, Phil and Steve! Congratulations, Chester and Sara Jane! Obviously you get that trait from your parents. So Pastor Wenger is now the authority on this issue? I think not! It is true, he has made an unwise choice as someone previously stated.

So sad that a person who so many people have been and still are influenced by can be dragged along and warped by popular culture into the belief that the homosexual sin is to be tolerated. I was raised in the Mennonite Church and taught our sons values of the church. But my gay son has declared that he is atheist and with attitudes like yours, there is no welcoming in the church for my son.

Martha Maust, my heart grieves for you and your son. Know that you both are loved and beautiful to God, and that Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland church who rejected your son did not speak for God, for God is love!

I see you have your blinders fully in Woman for sex Salida. I pray you come to a better understanding of love, empathy, and compassion. Thank you so much for your honesty Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland compassion. I have shared your article with a number of friends, including a priest whose gay daughter has recently married, with her blessing.

Two encounters were pivotal in my life: If the church worldwide spent as much energy on addressing real issues such as poverty, war, domestic violence, abuse of women and children, pollution, corruption, drug addiction etcas it does on the making gays feel unloved, we would see huge growth in those Ladies wants hot sex MN Worthington 56187 to know the love of Jesus.

All strength to you and your family from South Africa where, at least constitutionally, we protect the rights of gay folk, although we have a long way to go in practice. While Mennonites have seen the judgemental side of shunning and shaming in the past, it is clear the church Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland allowed the pendulum to swing too far to the other side, right along with the ultra PC nature of our society.

No longer is Local fuck friend Ellenboro West Virginia treated as sin. Where does it stop? When do we acknowledge the need for repentance? Living a holy, Godly life does not come natural to us! My husband and I left the Mennonite church 20 years ago because we saw this on the horizon.

Thank you Chester and Sarah Jane for your courage, wisdom, and deep love for the church and her Sincere real gay guy seeking Portland. May the grace and peace of God be with you. The comments reveal efforts to West Duncanville horny meet horny girls 62801 Rev.

As we honor Rev. Wenger with our words, let us also pay close attention to his. Instead, Rev. Wenger is speaking the language of the Bible into the brokenness of the world. Obviously, Rev. Wenger is asking the Mennonite church to make changes. But he does so within the discourse of the Bible, not the discourse of the empire.

As we laud Rev. Wenger, let us also pay attention to what he says. Thank you for this beautiful, graceful letter filled with the wisdom of one who has spent 96 years on this earth with an open mind, heart and soul. May our vision come from eyes wide open to see all who have been created in this colorful, complicated and wonderful world. The story of a father seeking out his already messed up and lost son which after finding him brought him in, clean him up and dressed him up in royal attires.

A doctor is useless without sick people so the son of God came to save the lost. The contradiction I found these days has to do with the church loosing sight of her purpose on earth — Jesus was friend of sinners, He made room for them not their way of lives. In other words, He will show them love, address the issue of sin and get them converted from their perverted path. While I do not hate any homosexual person, the scripture is abundantly clear that it is ungodly Romans1: Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.

Kenny, thank you for quoting from Romans 1, which provides an excellent example of biblical text that refers to same-sex relations, but in the context of wanton abandonment of God and adherence to a hedonistic, evil lifestyle…not a context of love between two people. I agree that the bible is abundantly clear that lustful behavior, sexual immorality, and degrading of the human body is not of God; I do not find it at all clear that homosexual love between two people is not of God. As hard as it may be for heterosexuals myself included to fully understand, it has become abundantly clear to me through study, prayer, and listening to my brothers and sisters, that alternate sexual orientation is part of that image.

God is our creator and sustainer. God is love. God is all. We understand only a tiny part of God. We see dimly now, but one day, we will understand.